photo by Josh Whiton

Every so often someone who finds out that I’m pro-crypto, shakes their head and squints at me and utters the words, “I just don’t see why it’s worth anything.”

In reaction my eyebrows rise to accompany my wide-eyed expression as I take a deep breath and remind myself that this…

I experienced some depression this morning, which seemed odd given my rather delightful circumstances. After sitting in a debilitating fog for some hours I suddenly saw how to engage with it. I brought more and more awareness to the amorphous emotional vapor until I could sense its shape and form…

photo by Josh Whiton

The Money god sits on its throne, bored and unhappy. It’s sulking because of its temple priests. They’re nincompoops, really. Heartless financiers, cut-throat robber barons, soul-less fund managers… people whose imaginations are limited to an elaborate shell game and whose sense of beauty stops at arbitrage.

Elsewhere the ‘good’ people…

photo by Josh Whiton

From planetary ruin to politics, it’s easy to see that we humans have hit the limits of our current level of consciousness. How much pain and destruction lies ahead depends on how quickly we take human consciousness to the next level.

This makes it a fine time for us all…

photo by Josh Whiton

The conversation around climate change seems to be shifting from “Is it real?” and “Is it really all that serious?” to are more earnest and urgent, “Well now what do we do?”

And the answers is?

Wide-ranging and often unclear. We have the sensible but mundane: change your lightbulbs, ride…

An Ecosystem

Sea lions trusting that we humans are taking care of things. Photo by Josh Whiton

For too long our civilization has treated the planet as 100% raw material, 0% ecosystem.

It’s a severe misperception and a mistake that, multiplied by some seven billion people, can no longer be ignored.

As an entrepreneur I readily admit that business is especially culpable. There is perhaps no other…

and why it’s making a comeback

Somewhere during human history magic lost to technology. Technology came to dominate our mindshare while magic was relegated to superstition.

I, like many, assumed magic lost because it turned out not to be real. …

and other red pills

Money was a great invention. With it, we found a way to get people to do things for us, or give things to us, without resorting to abject slavery or direct force. …

There Are No Orcs

Stories like the Lord of the Rings make me want to do something brave. When the movie ends or I set down the book, I nearly call for my sword. But I have no sword or anyone to swing one at. …

& brainwaves

My travel companion and I finished breakfast at the restaurant and stood up to leave. But before going there was something I wanted to say.

“I’m grateful that we found this restaurant. There was no wait and we had nice seats looking out from…

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